MirsanRack started exporting to Northern Africa 15/08/2015



MirsanRack started exporting to Northern Africa


MirsanRack, now exporting to 9 countries with the business partners in Middle Eastern, Arabic and African countries, has earned a remarkable place in the IT sector with its own products of 19” rack cabinets, accessories and telecommunication field cabinets.


Among the youngest actors of Turkey with the production of rack cabinets for the IT sector, MirsanRack is now expanding its success in the biggest projects of Turkey around the region.


Reaching nine countries of export primarily in Middle East and Eastern Europe and with new business partners in Arabic and African countries, the General Manager of MirsanRack Cabinet Systems Mr. Nihat Bozdag stated that they earned a significant place in the IT sector with their 19” rack cabinets, accessories, telecommunication field cabinets and server & data center cabinets.


Mr. Nihat Bozdag, telling that the great results they earned in their export experiences created great new chances for them stated that: “We would like to take these new opportunities well. Our aim is to expand our export network into other European countries with the new business partners that we are in talks with besides our current foreign market activities. We are taking good progress towards this objective of ours.” Mr. Bozdag, expressing that they will have an export turnover of 4 million USD in 2015 with the current successful partnerships and partnerships to be finalized soon, said: “Last year we have earned 11 million Turkish Liras of turnover with the domestic sales and export. Our objective is to double this amount as 22 million USD in 2015. We are going to earn half of this objective via export sales.”


MirsanRack manufactured the security systems cabinets of New Presidency House


Mr. Bozdag, telling that they have taken part in the greatest projects of Turkey, stated: “We have manufactured the field and pole type enclosures for the General Directorate of Turkish Police Department. Moreover for the highly risky, socially problematic regions we have added the bullet-proof CCTV Security Cabinets in our product range. In the projects started last year, we have delivered two thousand pieces of cabinets successfully. Our production for these kind of projects will continue increasingly day by day.”


Mr. Bozdag, proud that the security system cabinets of the New Presidency House and all the indoor and outdoor cabinets of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey bear the signature of MirsanRack, told that they have completed the investment for the new nano-tech powder coating and surface treatment shop and increased the daily production capacity up to an average of 600 pieces. Mr. Bozdag stated: “We have all the certifications required in both domestic and foreign markets.”


Manufacturing a datacenter with the colors of a football team


Mr. Bozdag stating that they can manufacture with the desired colors upon request, told that they have manufactured a datacenter with the colors of a well-known football team in Turkey, their products have been used in the datacenters of many government offices and they have completed the production of outdoor cabinets for many official and private sector projects. Emphasizing that they had been the biggest OEM manufacturer of the significant players of the sector until 2013 since their establishment in 2009, Mr. Bozdag reminded that they have been on the stage with their own R&D and designs in the last two years. Mr. Bozdag: “We are the first people to manufacture the rack cabinets in Turkey with my partner Mr. Husamettin Inan. We have a great knowledge and experience in the field as we have worked in every process.” Expressing that they have got a great achievement with the innovative GT Versatile series free standing cabinets that they have presented in the market in 2014, Mr. Bozdag said: “We have enabled 100% use of the internal volume of the 19” rack cabinets. Thus a great number, even more than the standard capacity of standard rack cabinets, of devices and equipment can be mounted in the cabinets. We have created a new solution and made a difference in the rack cabinet business in Turkey and around the world.”